EARLY is a new stakepool on the Cardano blockchain. The focus of EARLY is to attract and educate the next wave of people interested in what’s possible with this burgeoning technology. As a supporter of a start-up pool, the potential reward for every block we produce will be magnified.

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The EARLY pool is managed by veteran technologists, infrastructure builders, and product designers. We’ve spent our careers building large-scale systems with some of the world’s biggest institutions. Our work serve hundreds of millions of Americans.

We are skeptics by nature and by experience, and we have long been skeptical of the blockchain space. However, we’ve recently changed our view. A closer look over the past year has convinced us that even after this bubble pops, the infrastructure built today will enable decades of powerful new applications, markets, and businesses. We are stoked about the possibilities and the prospects for 2021. The growing interest in DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and other block-native concepts is just the beginning.

With EARLY, we plan to share what we learn as we learn by developing guides, tutorials, and perspectives. Join us!

We have the conviction that these are still early days. We started this stakepool + crypto studio to get real skin in the game, to learn in public, and identify big opportunities for the decade ahead.